Spring Break Shopping

My mother-in-law and I went to the Bluegrass Outlet mall off of the Simpsonville exit on 64 and had a very successful shopping day! I wanted some spring and summer clothes that fit me better than the clothes I have now; even though I’m back in my pre-pregnancy clothes (woo hoo!), my tops don’t fit me very well with my different body shape. 

We went into several stores, but I only purchased from Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, and Rack Room Shoes. My favorite store is Off 5th, but I never buy anything. I honestly just like to look at the designer dresses and laugh at how expensive they are. Yesterday, we found one that was ON SALE for $6000, with an original price of almost $20,000. Who has that kind of money? Lol.

At Rack Room, I was looking for a pair of comfortable, dressier sandals that I can wear to work. The ones I have are almost 6 years old and are falling apart. I found these adorable Tommy Hilfiger Linsey sandals and it was a done deal.  The store was having a BOGO sale, and my MIL generously paid for her shoes and mine so I could benefit from the discount. She rocks!


At Old Navy, I was looking for layering camisoles and maxi skirts. There weren’t many maxi skirts to choose from, but I ended up getting a basic black skirt and a couple of nude Tamis, which are layering tanks. Very comfortable, and very inexpensive. Less than $30 total!



I found another maxi skirt at the Loft Outlet. It was the first thing I saw when we walked in, and it was even a petite size! Everything is always too long on me, so petite sizes are exciting. Between sales and gift cards, I ended up paying $16 for a regularly $60 skirt. #winning


After leaving the outlets, we headed to Target so I could get some solid tees that fit me well. I opted for four pastels: pink, mint, periwinkle, and orange. Also on sale!



It was a very successful day. I have really cute clothes that fit me well, make me feel good about myself, and that I can wear to work as it warms up. 

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