Aug 22-28 Meal Plan and Workout Schedule

I’m so excited to back into my routine with school being back in session!  I love summer and the time I get to spend with my litte guy and husband, but it’s hard on my health goals!  I’m excited to try some new recipes this week!

Saturday: Date night at Stoney River

Sunday: Baked fish with pesto and pureed garlic cauliflower

Monday: Clean Eating Jambalaya

Tuesday: Baked BBQ Salmon (we were planning on this last week, but the fish was bad 😦 )

Wednesday: Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli from the Fixate cookbook

Thursday: Out–Open House at school

Friday: Sriracha burgers (minus the bacon, bun, and sauce)

One of our friends had surgery recently, and we are taking them this Baked Potato Soup this week.  It’s so good and so easy to make!

I also wanted to share my workout schedule for this week.  I’m all signed up for a 5k and a 10k in the next 6 weeks, and I’m so excited!  It’s been over 2 years since I ran in a race and I miss it badly.  I decided that I didn’t want to take all the time to train for a half, so a 10k is my limit right now.  I can’t wait!

Sat: Pilates Fix

Sun: Yoga or 3.5 mile run (as schedule allows)

Mon: Yoga or 2.5 mile run (as schedule allows)

Tues: Upper Fix

Wed: 3 mile run

Thursday: 10 min abs

Fri: Total Body Cardio

Sat: 4 mile run

I’d love for you to share your workout plans and meal plans for this week!

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