Derby City Date Night: Stoney River

After the purchase of our lovely new home, our mortgage broker and college friend sent us a gift card to Stoney River.  I was really excited because Stoney River is a restaurant that I’d heard of, but never actually been to.  Honestly, I’d always heard that it was really expensive, and homey don’t play that.  The Bread Man and I planned a date night and off we went!

My first impression was that my original assumptions were not exactly accurate.  Being from a small town, Stoney River was in the big city and was the place you took your prom date, so I assumed that it was super fancy.  It’s definitely a nicer restaurant, but the other patrons didn’t really follow that.  It surprised me, but made more comfortable because I’m not highbrow.

We started our meal with the Steak Roll appetizer, which was described to us by the waiter as a Philly cheesesteak in an eggroll.  That description is both completely accurate and a little misleading–the flavors are exactly what you would expect from a Philly cheesesteak in an eggroll, but it. was. amazing.  Much more gourmet than you would think, and it was perfect. The portion was a little big for an appetizer, but we ended up taking it home for lunch.  So yummy!

For my entree, I had the Hong Kong Style Sea Bass and the Baby Kale Salad.  The salad was really good and very simple–chopped nuts, dried cranberries, baby kale, and a light herb dressing.  It was tasty and satisfying but not at all filling, which was great because I was excited about the sea bass.  The fish was steamed and dressed with an Asian sweet and sour sauce on top of a bed of sauteed spinach.  It was so good!  A little too much spinach for me, but I’m not a big fan of cooked greens in general.  The fish was so good!  I’m not usually into steamed fish because it’s not enough flavor, but the sauce was the perfect complement. I actually forgot to take pictures of the entrees because we were so excited to eat them!

The Bread Man got the coffee rubbed steak and twice baked potatoes.  He loved it!  I had a bite of each, and the potatoes were seasoned very well, and the steak was amazing.  I don’t even like steak.  Seriously.  I’ve always thought it was too tough and dry (sorry, Dad).  This steak was the best steak I’ve ever had!  The Bread Man approved.

We were too stuffed for dessert, but there were some lovely options.

Stoney River certainly doesn’t need me to give them any plugs, but they were excellent. The price point is pretty high, so you need to expect to spend $100 easily for a full meal for 2, especially if you get drinks.  I would love to go back, but probably for apps and desserts instead of entrees.

It was a lovely dinner with a lovely guy!

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