Meal Plan and Workout Schedule 9.19-9.25

After being sick all week and having my little man sick the week before, it’s been a long couple of weeks of being out of routine with my food and workouts.  I’m excited to get back to it now that I’m healthy again.

Saturday: Steak and Potatoes with green beans

Sunday: Chicken Parmesan from Fixate

Monday: Shrimp Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Tuesday: Thai Salmon with veggies

Wednesday: leftovers or out

Thursday: Chorizo, black bean, and sweet potato chili

Friday: leftovers or out

My 5k last week wasn’t super, but considering that I was coming down with bronchitis and a double eye infection, not surprising.  I only worked out twice last week, so I’ve got to get back into gear to get ready for my 10k in a couple of weeks.

Saturday: 5k run

Sunday: PiYo Sweat

Monday: 5.5 mi run

Tuesday: PiYo Upper Define

Wednesday: 21DF Pilates Fix

Thursday: PiYo Sculpt

Friday: PiYo Strength

Saturday: 6 mi run

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