Is Shakeology Worth It?

If you follow me at all on social media, it’s pretty clear that Shakeology is a part of my daily routine and nutrition.  I drink it every single day and have since the day I first tried it.  I’ve talked before about the benefits I’ve seen, which range from lessened depression symptoms, better moods, more energy, digestive regularity, and even a higher libido (sorry, parents!).  Even with all of these benefits, a lot of people that I talk to who are looking to make a healthy change in their life often tell me that they don’t want to try Shakeology because of the cost.  The price tag does bring some sticker shock, at $129.95 for customers and $97.46 for coaches, plus tax and shipping.  Are the health benefits really worth the price?

If you break it down per serving (30 per bag), a customer pays $4.33 per serving, and a coach pays $3.25 per serving.  Less than $5 for a meal or a snack per day.  At first, that seemed like a lot to me.  But when I started to think about it, I realized that these prices are less than the fast food I was getting at the drive thru, and was less than the Starbucks drink I got to treat myself and get a caffeine boost.  Shakeology has a lot more nutritional value than anything you can get at any drive through, and if you tried to recreate the nutritional value, you would spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than a serving of Shakeology costs.

It’s also easy to forget part of the reason Shakeology is more expensive than some other nutritional powder options–the ingredients are of a very high quality.  There is a quality assurance group involved, and the co-creator actually travels around the world to meet with the farmers producing the superfood crops that go into Shakeology.  There isn’t a greenhouse in the US creating false environments for the superfoods to thrive–they are being grown in the environments to which they are indigenous, ensuring that as much nutritional value stays in the plants as possible.  This process is arduous and expensive, so logically that extends to the consumer price.  Though other powders might offer a cheaper price, they don’t have the same quality of ingredients or the same nutritional value.  So, you get what you pay for.

Finally, consider the actual health benefits.  A lot of people say that Shakeology has helped them with a lot of different ailments and health concerns, but I can’t speak for other people. I can only speak for myself and my own experience.  In addition to the benefits I listed above, Shakeology was the main difference maker in helping me get unstuck from my depression and unhealthy attitude toward myself.  I just feel better.  I am a completely different person from who I was 10 months ago, and in the best way.  I started to feel better when I started working out and eating clean, but when I started drinking Shakeology, all bets were off.  I was happier.  More confident. More energetic.  More pleasant to be around.  More patient with the people in my life.  More present with my family.  More aware of what my body needs.  So many people over the past several months have said that I seem like a completely different person.  It makes me so proud when people tell me that they notice the changes I’ve noticed in myself.  And I give Shakeology the credit for these changes more than any other positive change I’ve made.

Is Shakeology a miracle shake?  Of course not.  Is it a magic pill that will make you thinner just by drinking it.  Absolutely not. Is something that might help your health?  YES.

The value of Shakeology far outweighs the cost, in my experience.  But you can’t just take my word for it–you have to try it for yourself.  Imagine what it could do for you and your life!  You can visit this site to get a sample to try it yourself.  Why not you?

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