Meal Plan and Workout Schedule Nov 1-6

‘Tis the season!  Halloween is over, fall is officially here, and the holidays are upon us in full force!  I am so excited for this time of year.  I’ve always loved the fall and holiday season, but with a child who is just old enough to kind of “get” it all and participate is so much fun!

But with the change of seasons and focus on the holidays comes a lot of stress and could-be distractions from my goals.  I’ve been pretty honest about the fact that I’ve been struggling with my nutrition over the last several months–I’m not gaining weight, and apparently I look like I’m losing, but my weight has held pretty steady since the beginning of the summer.  I’m not happy about that!  I was doing a lot of reflecting about it this past week and realized that even though I’ve been doing 21 Day Fix pretty consistently since January, I’ve only done two rounds where I was completely committed to the program–no cheats, no missed workouts, no extra carb servings, no sneaks of candy.  Fully, 100% committed to the program. And wouldn’t you know it that those two rounds are the ones that gave me the best results?  Funny how it works that way.

I’ve determined that this holiday season is going to be different for me health-wise. I’m not going to gain the holiday weight this year, and I’m not going to start 2016 feeling badly about myself.  I am buckling down and committing to one full round of 21 Day Fix in November so I can move on to 21 Day Fix Extreme and then Hammer and Chisel, a new program coming out in December.  Anyhoo, my meal plan reflects this.

Breakfasts: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with 4 oz almond milk, strawberry/bluberries OR banana and PB2, and water with one serving cottage cheese

Lunches: leftover dinners and black bean sweet potato flautas from the freezer


Sunday: Date night out–will report back!  Planning on a big salad

Monday: Pasta Primavera (whole wheat noodles with roasted zucchini, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and onion with tomato sauce)

Tuesday: Clean Eating Thai Salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts

Wednesday: Chicken “Fried” Quinoa

Thursday: Garlic Butter Chicken with green beans

Friday: Taco Bowls with broccoli

My workout schedule is still 21 Day Fix!  I just love those workouts so much.  My husband has finally started working out with me!  Well, not exactly with me, but at least working out with the DVDs every day.  I’m proud of him and am looking forward to seeing how the program helps his health!

Sunday: Yoga

Monday: Total Body Cardio

Tuesday: Upper Fix

Wednesday: Lower Fix

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Cardio Fix

I’m also texting a friend this week to be accountable for what I’m eating.  We will text each other every night with what we ate that day.  I know that will help give me a kick in the rear!

What does your week look like?

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