Meal Plan and Workout Schedule Nov 15-20

With me getting sick last week, our meal plan didn’t get followed as closely as I intended. A couple of meals from last week are moved into this week. I am trying to empty out some space in our freezer to prepare for all the Thanksgiving leftovers, so the rest of the plan was based on what I have in the freezer right now. I didn’t include links to recipes because I’m not using any specific recipes this week–I’m basically just throwing ingredients together and calling it a day. If you aren’t that comfortable with your culinary skills to do that, you can Google any number of recipe options for these meals.

Sunday–out at a friend’s

Monday–Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday–Burgers with green beans and roasted sweet potato

Wednesday–Pasta/spaghetti squash with tomato sauce

Thursday–Sloppy Joes


With Thanksgiving being less than 2 weeks away, it’s important to stick to a healthy eating plan and not throw it all away for the holiday. I try to remember that Thanksgiving is one meal, not a whole series of unhealthy choices.

This week is my final week for this round of 21 Day Fix! I am missing running, especially with as nice as the weather has been recently, so I’m excited to get back to that after this week. Until then, it’s my regularly scheduled workouts!

Monday–Total Body Cardio

Tuesday–Upper Fix

Wednesday–Lower Fix



Saturday–Dirty 30
What does your week look like?

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