Derby City Mom Clean Eating Thanksgiving Part 3–Pumpkin Cream Pie

One of the best parts of any holiday celebration, Thanksgiving included, is the dessert.  One of the most traditional Thanksgiving desserts is, or course, pumpkin pie.  I have never really been a pumpkin pie fan.  I guess that’s holiday blasphemy, but it’s true.  One reason for this is that I have never really found a pie crust that I really like–it’s always too dry for me.  Just give me the filling!  Another reason is that I used to not really like pumpkin.  I guess that I knew, somewhere deep in my soul, that it’s a vegetable, and my Little-Debbie-loving self just rebelled.

Fortunately, I have since seen the error of my anti-pumpkin ways and really enjoy it!  But I still didn’t like pumpkin pie–until I found this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

OMG. It’s so good.  Graham cracker crust, homemade whipped cream, vanilla pudding cooked with pumpkin and half and half–it’s amazing.  So rich and creamy and delightful.  YUM.  I’m kind of drooling on my keyboard just thinking about it.

I knew that I wanted to make this pie for Thanksgiving, despite the fact that it’s nowhere near clean eating.  I’m all for healthy living, but moderation, people.  I’m not eating fruit for Thanksgiving dessert.

I did decide to tweak the recipe, though.  I wanted to use only real ingredients and make everything myself, including a crust, so that I knew exactly what I was eating.  Call me a hippy, but I’m not too trusting of the food industry to buy a whole lot of pre-made foods.

I’ve decided to make a real pumpkin custard instead of using the vanilla pudding packets.  I will be making this recipe for a low-carb pumpkin custard from Grass Fed Girl, a paleo blog.  I don’t eat Paleo, but I know that Paleo recipes will use real ingredients, so it’s a go-to for me when I’m looking for real food versions of recipes I love.

Lastly, I will be making this graham cracker-free Honey Graham Cracker Crust from Against All Grain.  This lowers the carb level a bit, and uses real ingredients that I have on hand.

Now, don’t be delusional–this is not a healthy pie.  It isn’t “good for you.”  It’s just a better option for me at this point in my health journey because these recipes are made from real foods instead of processed.  I am under no delusion that this will be low calorie or anything, so portion control is still in effect.

I’m very excited to make this version of a beloved dessert!  I can’t wait to report back–and even if it’s not as yummy as I hope, we’ll at least have my father-in-law’s famous banana pudding!

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