Meal Plan and Fitness Schedule December 13-19

I’m back! I took a hiatus for a couple of weeks to spend time with my family over Thanksgiving and then because I’ve been sick! I had Hand Foot and Mouth after the holiday and then a cold. I have been exhausted and eating poorly, which hasn’t helped my health. But, I’m ready to end the year stronger than I started!

Breakfasts–Roasted veggie breakfast burritos

Lunches–Mexican Chicken Soup

Sunday–Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Monday–Garlic Butter Chicken with Brussels sprouts

Tuesday–out for a Christmas party

Wednesday–Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken with veggies

Thursday–Steak Fajitas

Friday–Chicken Fried Quinoa

My workouts have suffered over the past couple weeks because of my sicknesses. It’s been really hard to stay energized and get everything done during my day feeling sick, so I’ve been giving myself a break and not worrying about missing the workouts. I’ve been working really hard lately, and I think it’s necessary to give your body a break sometimes. However, I haven’t been eating well on top of not working out consistently, and that has resulted in low energy, some depression symptoms returning, and bloat. No, thanks! I want to get back into my workouts, but I’m keeping my plans tentative pending my illnesses that seem to just keep coming!

Sunday–walk 3 miles/maybe a jog

Monday–Total Body Cardio

Tuesday–Upper Body

Wednesday–Lower Body


Friday–3 mile run

Saturday–Dirty 30

I keep reminding myself that a year ago, I was uncomfortable and unhappy. Even though I’m not fully on my game, I have come so far and I’m proud!

What are you doing in the next two weeks to end the year stronger than you started?

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