Derby City Date Night: Mesh

A few weeks ago, we went to dinner and a show to see Wicked, which is probably the best show in the history of shows. It’s so good!


For dinner, we went to a newish restaurant off of Brownsboro Road–Mesh. The restaurant itself is perfect for a date night: soft lighting, nice table settings, a fancy feel without being pretentious, and really good food.

We started off with the bread and butter appetizer with local artisan bread and real butter topped with sea salt. It was delicious! The portions were more than enough for two people–I just wanted more butter! 

The Bread Man opted for a bone-in pork chop with apple slaw and a sweet potato side…that I’m honestly still not quite sure exactly what it was! It was crunchy and delicious, though. He loved his meal and found it to be more than enough food.


I got a sandwich with country ham and a triple-cream cream cheese spread with sliced apples and fries. It was so delicious and so rich! I could hardly eat half of my portion. 


Our service was quick and very friendly. We had a great dinner and will certainly go back in the future!

Disclaimer: The opinions share in this post are mine and mine alone. I have not been compensated for this review. 

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