Meal Plan and Fitness Schedule 11.11-11.17

Going back to school after Christmas break is crazy.  It’s like the very beginning of the school year all over again, both in terms of students not being used to school and me not being used to it, either.  And my birthday is always the week we go back, so it’s a busy week no matter what.  I always feel really frazzled, and I’m still struggling to feel in a groove and in my routine.

Because of all of that, I find myself needing to be really flexible with my eating plan.  I make a meal plan, but I have to have flexibility in my mind to move meals around and maybe switch out one snack for another, but that often leads to eating things that aren’t on my plan at all.  *Says the lady eating the cookie while she types.*  Just keeping it real.

So, I’m struggling with not being so rigid with my meal plan that it adds more stress to my life, and not being so flexible that it creates opportunities to not eat for my goals.  It’s a daily struggle!  I’m glad I have my fitness community to help motivate and encourage me.

Here are the meals I’m planning for the week (notice how I am not putting days to the meals!)

Chili (no recipe, just throwing things together)

Chipotle Lean Beef Burgers with veggies (literally mixing minced chipotle pepper into beef and forming into patties)

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

BBQ Chicken

Lemon Chicken with Artichokes


For breakfast, I’m alternating between steel cut oatmeal with coconut flakes and sausage with onions and peppers sauteed together.  I will continue to have my daily superfoods with peanut butter and banana!

For snacks, I have cottage cheese, grilled chicken, and veggies and hummus.  My lunches will be leftover dinners.  Yum!


For my fitness schedule, I’m beginning week 3 of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel.  I am loving the program so far!  It is definitely more intense than 21 Day Fix, my program of choice for the past year, but I was ready to mix it up and step it up.  I lost almost an inch in my waist the first week!  Pretty exciting stuff.  I am excited to do my 30 day measurements in a couple of weeks!

Monday: Total Body Hammer

Tuesday: Chisel Agility

Wednesday: Max Hammer Strength with 10 Min Abs Hammer

Thursday: Rest day!

Friday: Total Body Chisel with 10 Min Abs Chisel

Saturday: Hammer Plyometrics

Sunday: Iso Strength Chisel


I am looking forward to a great week with my nutrition and fitness!  What does your week look like?


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