Meal Plan April 16-22

Cheers to the weekend!  This weekend hasn’t really gone as I had planned, but it’s been a lot of fun!  My husband has been feeling sick for a couple of days so I’ve been on solo parenting duty with the toddler.  Man.  I’m beat!  We’ve had a great time together.

My meal plan for the upcoming week is one part “survive the end of the school year” and one part “enjoy the summer weather.”  I’m in the mood for summer flavors, but in dishes that are simple and quick.  The recipes for this week are mostly ones that I throw together from memory and don’t really know where the original came from, so please feel free to request the recipes!

Saturday: Fixate Turkey Sloppy Joes

Sunday: Fish Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Slaw

Monday: Chipotle Burgers

Tuesday: Whole Wheat Pasta with Mild Italian Sausage

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Verde

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade Cheese Pizza with this whole wheat dough


My fitness plan for this week is to continue with this round of 21 Day Fix.  I missed Cardio this past week (oops), but I’ve been doing really well other than that.

Saturday: Dirty 30

Sunday: Yoga

Monday: Total Body Cardio

Tuesday: Upper

Wednesday: Lower

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Cardio

What does your week look like?

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