Summit 2016

This summer I was able to go to the Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville.  I had really high hopes for this annual event–everyone last year talked a lot about how life-changing and business-changing it was for them, so I was expecting something really powerful and was really kind of worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations.

This weekend was everything I heard it would be and more.  It was seriously amazing, and so much fun, and a game-changer for me and my business.  I’ve had big dreams for my business for a while now, but those thoughts of doubt creep in way too much for my liking.  Being with 30,000 coaches this weekend and seeing how many of them are successful, and how many different types of coaches are successful, was amazing.  There is NOTHING standing in the way of my success except for me.  I don’t have to be anything special or be a certain way to live a life by design–I just need to work really, really, REALLY hard.  It’s that simple!

First of all, my ticket to this event was FREE.  Free!!!!  I earned a free ticket by helping 3 or more people get started on a healthy lifestyle my first three months of coaching.  How awesome is that???  And that is an opportunity every single new coach can take advantage of.  One of my new coaches is one month and 3 people away from earning her own free ticket to next year’s Summit!

When we arrived on Wednesday, I got to go to The Core, the humongous gift store, during a VIP opening because I am a Success Club 5 All-Star, meaning I helped 3 people or more per month for 12 consecutive months.  Yay me!  Such a cool perk for just helping others.

Thursday afternoon my friend Bethany and I worked out with Autumn Calabrese (and 3,000 other people!) doing her Chisel Agility workout.  I was so emotional the whole time.  Autumn is the trainer that I started this whole journey with, and it was really special to be in the same room with her for real, not just in my basement or living room and her on the TV.  If it weren’t for her and her program, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  It was really awesome and a special experience!

Thursday night was the opening ceremony, where a lot of cool announcements were made and a TON of people were recognized for their success.  This is where I really started to notice not just how MANY people were having success with this business, but how many different levels of success and all the different types of people that were successful.  It was so cool to see thousands of people recognized for hitting big goals, and some even earning a million dollars or more.  Some of these coaches have only been coaches for a couple of years!  They aren’t riding anyone’s coattails–they are just working super hard, which means I can do it, too.

The Super Workout on Saturday morning was amazing!  We got up at 3:30 to be on Broadway in downtown Nashville by 4:15 and got to be in the front section near the stage.  At 6, we started our workout with 25,000 coaches spanning 7 blocks of downtown Nashville and workout LIVE with all the super trainers–Chalene Johnson, Sagi Kalev, Joel and Jericho, Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Autumn.  We worked out for about 90 minutes!  It was so much fun!  Seeing my team around me, pushing me to not give up and to keep going, was so powerful.  And Shaun T came down off the stage and was 2 feet in front of me!!!!  It was awesome.

Friday and Saturday were both spent in business training sessions.  I got to hear from many top coaches and their best practices.  It was really overwhelming and I have pages and pages of notes.  I had to go through all of my notes to find the action items I needed to do, make a list, and write it out on a calendar to make sure I got it done!  The most impactful session for me was one where they asked us to think about how our lives would be different if we had never gotten involved with Beachbody.  What a powerful question!  I was so overcome with emotion, and I still am a week later when I think about this.  I would be overweight, self-conscious, exhausted, depressed, anxious, super stressed out, unhappy with myself, still laying on the couch for an hour every day when I got home from work, and just generally a much more miserable person.

Not only that, but my ENTIRE life would be different, not just physically.  It wasn’t until I started coaching–helping other women get healthy and change their lives–that I actually understood what people meant when they talked about “find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I used to really enjoy teaching, but the past few years have been truly awful.  The past year especially, I wanted to quit literally every single day I was there.  I was sick with dread and anxiety every Sunday night thinking about going to work on Monday–and not just Sunday nights, but all day Saturday, and Friday nights, too.  What a terrible way to live–stressed, unhappy, and feeling completely stuck in a job that feels like is sucking your soul away.  That might sound dramatic if you’ve never been in a job that made you so unhappy, but that is the reality of how I felt.

When I started thinking about how my life would be different without Beachbody, I realized that I would be going back to work next week.  I would have gone back THIS week to set up my classroom.  I would be sick with dread at starting another year all over again in a negative environment.  When it really became real to me that I get to stay home, not because I’m making a ton of money or matching my teaching salary, but because I’m making ENOUGH to stay home, I was completely overcome with gratitude. I am so THANKFUL at the opportunity to be able to stay home with my child, not dread every Monday, not spend my days wishing I was somewhere else–and I get to help people get healthy and feel better about themselves?  It’s such a blessing.

The flip side of this question is that there are a lot of people in my life that are living like I used to live before Beachbody.  People that I love and care about, and some that I haven’t even met yet–all living with stress, depression, dread, feeling stuck, living an unhealthy life and hating themselves.  I am so passionate about finding and helping the ones who are ready to change their lives!  I am so thankful for this business and the opportunities it is giving not just me and my family, but everyone who chooses to take that leap of faith with me.

This year, one of my coaches came with me to my first Summit.  I am so blessed to have  a team that is so passionate and shares my vision of helping people and changing lives as we change our own lives, too.  Next year, I can’t wait to see how many of my coaches come with me to New Orleans!  If you are interested in learning more about this crazy and amazing experience, check out my link at the top of the page.  I’d love to help you get started and earn your own free ticket to NOLA!


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