Diet Mindset versus Lifestyle Mindset

In my health and fitness journey, I’ve learned that your mindset is a huge part of the battle.  When you tell yourself that you’re not capable or worthy, you derail any successes you have gained.  When you tell yourself that you are strong and fit, you start to self-fulfill that prophecy.

Recently I’ve been discovering that having a LIFESTYLE mindset is just as important.  I’ve been catching myself having a diet mindset–telling myself that I only have to stay away from my dark chocolate for a few weeks, or that I can wait to clean up my diet because my fitness program doesn’t start until next week.  That is NOT what I’m trying to accomplish here.  This is my lifestyle.  It’s not a diet, and it’s not short term–it’s how I live my life.  But we’ve been so trained to think about healthy living as a short term experiment to get to a certain weight or size, and then abandon that diet to go back to our old ways. That’s why so many of us give up on programs, and why we gain weight back after we lose it.

This is a huge struggle for me, and I know I’m not alone in this.  For me, I’m dealing with this in a very simple way: I’m reminding myself every day, out loud, that I eat healthy as a lifestyle and that fitness is my way of life.  I literally say it out loud to myself–in the morning, when I’m tempted to go through the drive thru at Chickfila for a cookie, when I want to take a rest day for no good reason, and any other time I catch myself thinking in a diet mindset.

Am I “cured” of this mindset battle?  Yeah, not so much.  It’s a struggle I’m sure I’ll be dealing with for a long time.  But I’m taking steps to help myself truly LIVE healthy.  By reminding myself of my goal to make this my LIFESTYLE, I’m taking steps to conquer that battle.  And that’s always a step in the right direction.

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