My Go-To Restaurant Meals

When I was a kid, I don’t really remember eating out that much.  I remember getting really excited when we did eat out, so I feel like it was probably not that often and considered a special occasion.  As an adult now, we eat out waaaaaayyyyyyyy too much.  But it seems like we are not alone–so many people around us seem to eat out a lot too!

If you’re trying to eat healthy, eating out can really cause a struggle. I’ve posted some eating out tips on the blog before, but I wanted to share some go-to meals that I order when I’m eating out and eating clean!  These aren’t necessarily endorsements of certain restaurants–it’s just where we eat.

Chickfila–grilled nuggets or grilled chicken sandwich with superfood side and unsweet tea

Pizza places–thin crust, half cheese, all the veggies (yes, I eat pizza sometimes!)

Panera Bread–Mediterranean Veggie sandwich on whole grain/Chicken Cobb with Avocado, dressing on the side (this might be a seasonal salad–right now it’s the Green Goddess Cobb)

McAlister’s Deli–Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich on whole wheat bread with fruit OR steamed veggies and unsweet tea

Olive Garden–Rosemary Chicken entree

Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai–Chicken with veggies–you can get this pretty much anywhere, but you just have to ask for no rice or brown rice on the side

American food (O’Charley’s/Applebee’s/etc)–Bunless burger with side salad, grilled chicken sandwich with salad

Mexican–chicken fajitas OR grilled fish tacos in corn tortillas with pico, avocado, grilled onions

The most important thing to remember with eating out is to stay away from rolls, stay away from fried, stay away from heavy sauces, and customize your order.

The next time you eat out, don’t let it be an excuse to just give up on eating clean!  Use your head and make a good choice.

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