Meal Plan 8.21-25

We’ve been having a lot of trouble in our house with having too many choices for dinner, not eating through our leftovers in favor of cooking something about to go bad, and being lazy and going out to eat when we have a perfectly yummy and healthy option at home!  Always a work in progress, I guess.

My attempt to help with these issues this week was to plan just a few meals instead of a whole week’s worth.  Since I’m home full time now, I can get to the grocery during the week a lot easier, but I suspect that we’re going to have plenty of leftovers to eat through until the weekend.

I also planned for lunches this week instead of assuming that we will eat leftovers.  Some recipes don’t make as much as I anticipate, and then I’m stuck for lunch the next day if we don’t have enough leftovers or if Liam didn’t like the dish.  I’m excited about my lunch this week, and I know Liam will enjoy the deli meat and fruit I got for him!

Lunch for me: Crunchy Detox Salad (I already had some and it’s really good!)

Lunch for Liam: Applegate chicken slices on whole wheat bread (or alone), berries, cheese squares, tortilla chips, cheese quesadillas, leftovers (these are just the options, not what  he eats in one meal).


Sunday: out

Monday: Chicken Fajita Quesadillas (I’m going simple with grilled chicken and sauteed peppers and onions with some chili powder/cumin/salt/pepper)

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers with Lemon  Mayo

Wednesday: Homemade Pizza with sauteed onion and bacon on whole grain crust with homemade tomato sauce

Thursday: Grilled Chicken (maybe sandwiches) with green beans

The rest of the week will either be leftovers or I’ll choose a few meals to get us through the weekend!

As far as my fitness plan, I’m restarting T25 because I let some negativity in my own head mess up my determination.  I’m also adding in running again because I really missed it!  I’ll be doing “long” runs on the weekends and shorter runs during the week (which will mean a couple of double-workout days!).  If the during the week runs are too much with the T25, I’ll drop one or both and stick with the longer runs on the weeks.  I’ll be working my way from 2 miles to 7 miles through the end of October.  Slow and steady!

I’m really kind of concerned about eating enough to fuel the running and workouts, but not so much that I’m not able to tone up and lose fat.  I’ll be experimenting with my eating for a few weeks I think to find the right balance that works for me.  I have to make sure I’m fueling properly and eating enough to have energy for my family, first and foremost!

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