Transformation Spotlight: Laci

Me and Laci at Summit 16

The best part of my job is helping other women get healthy and feel amazing about herself.  I wanted to spotlight one of the amazing women who has been in my challenge groups and on Team Dream Achievers quietly focusing on her healthy journey–and making amazing changes!

Laci’s health journey a few years ago, long before I was a part of her journey!  She was having some health issues like blood clots, and was dealing with low self esteem and anxiety when she knew she needed to do something to change!  Here are her own words:

“I was 275 pounds when I decided I had to do something about my health and fitness.  I had just gotten married, and my aha moment was when I went up North to visit my husband’s family, who are all very much in shape, and basically I kept getting winded going up the one flight stairs to our room we were staying in. . . and the “straw”  was when I thought I was going to die while hiking with family. . . I was embarrassed, I was out of breath, I was super-slow and I felt like I was slowing them down.  I was just coming off a  big health scare with blood clots and decided I needed to do something, but I didn’t know what. . . So I started researching things that would help me get healthier.  I had managed to lose 25 pounds by watching what I eat, but I was at that 25 pound loss for 6 months with nothing else happening. . . I was just doing my elliptical and kinda watching what I eat. . . I was making my own smoothies, and while I was using a bunch of awesome ingredients like hemp powder, flax, berries, etc. . . It wasn’t really working.  I was still having anxiety and panic attacks, I didn’t feel any more confident than I did when I went hiking. . . I started doing some of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs, which I LOVED, but I wasn’t consistent in it, and it was just like one DVD I got off of amazon. . . All I knew about Beachbody was that they produced and sold workout videos. . . but the workouts were fun and that began my love of Shaun T. 🙂  However, I was still an emotional and mental mess that was eating a little better and doing some cardio and occasionally this DVD. . .

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

In the midst of Laci struggling through trying to feel better, she and I ran into each other at a teaching Professional Development day in August 2015–even though we taught in two different districts!  Both of us were very unhappy with our jobs–high stress, anxiety, and depression were things both of us were dealing with.  We ended up spending a lot of the day together, talking about our jobs, our health, and I talked about my experience with Shakeology and 21 Day Fix.

Laci wasn’t on board immediately, and in fact joined a sneak peek group and asked a lot of questions before she jumped in in late 2015. Once she did, though, the rest was history!  She has been consistent with her workouts and nutrition, and has helped others as a coach herself by sharing her journey on her social media.  Laci has been so inspiring!

“My hair stylist mentioned how I hold my head differently and seem more confident, people have made comments about how I’m glowing and seem legit happy.  I’ve started to not put all my measurements in the scale, and have managed to move the plateau in how I look and feel. . . What’s really funny to me, is that I haven’t really lost a lot of weight, but I look and feel different. . . Still growing in my nutrition, but I can always tell when i don’t have my shakeology. . . and I’m all about some working out and PD (personal development)!”
Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

I am so proud of her and her accomplishments!  Her hard work has paid off with how GOOD she feels about herself–and that’s what it’s all about for me!
Do you want a transformation of yourself and start to feel amazing?  Click the “Join My Team!” link to connect with me! I would love to get you started on your own journey!

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