Why I’m Keeping Shakeology in My Whole30 Plan



There were a lot of things I was nervous about when I decided to do the Whole30 eating plan–crazy cravings, giving up cheese, not having bread, and having to take the time to read every. single. label.  (By the way, one full week in: not having them, not a big deal, even less of a big deal, and takes a lot of time.)  But the only thing that I truly wrestled with was whether or not to take a break with my Shakeology.

The Whole30 plan calls for absolutely no added sugar of any kind, including honey, maple syrup, or substitute sweeteners like stevia.  All Shakeology flavors contain stevia, so it’s automatically non-compliant.  The creators of Whole30 also don’t love the idea of drinking your foods, and direct Whole30 eaters to abstain from juices or smoothies, too.

I totally understand their reasoning. They have really specific logic for why they include or don’t include foods in their Whole30 protocol, and their argument against Shakeology makes sense.  But all of their experience and book-knowledge doesn’t replace my own experience with Shakeology–and that’s exactly why I ultimately decided to keep my superfoods in my diet for these 30 days.

I’m doing the Whole30 to change my relationship with food.  I want to break my sugar addiction, stop eating as a reaction to stress, and feel better about myself and my choices.  I love my shakes, but I don’t turn to them when I’m stressed.  I don’t rely on my Shakeology to comfort me when I’m overwhelmed or depressed–it makes me feel better, so I keep drinking it!  It gives me energy, helps my depression, and makes me feel generally awesome.  And that is the ultimate goal for the Whole30–to help you feel awesome through what you put in your body!  It didn’t really make sense to me to get rid of something that I know is healthy, makes me feel great, and is something good for my body.  I know Shakeology is good for me because I’ve experienced its benefits, and I’m passionate about that.  It isn’t something I’m willing to stop, even temporarily.

Now, I know that this means I’m not “really” doing a Whole30–I’m knowingly consuming something that isn’t compliant.  And you know what?  I’m okay with that!  One of the goals of the Whole30 is to empower you to make informed decisions about your own food and nutrition, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m still experiencing great changes with the Whole30 eating plan, and I’m excited about it! I’m also still getting my daily superfoods in and I feel great.

I’m excited to see what the rest of these 30 days brings me!



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