Whole30 Meal Plan and Update

This week will mark the halfway point of my Whole30 (plus Shakeo)!  I am past the point of feeling yucky from sugar withdrawals and I’m feeling GREAT!  I haven’t suffered from acid reflux at all, I am not experiencing cravings for foods I used to eat, I’m fitting better into my pants, and I’m seeing a big difference in my body composition already.  I’m anticipating cravings hitting me sometime in the next week (according to the Whole30 timeline, days 12-15 are the days people typically start to experience cravings and crazy food dreams.  I’m interested to see if that affects me).

I’ve been really enjoying trying out different recipes during this process.  I am a very adventurous eater, but I love some flavors that my family doesn’t enjoy, so I usually don’t get to cook those more adventurous meals.  Since I’m already eating different meals than my boys, I’m taking advantage of it and making whatever I want!  You’ll see some more adventurous meals in this week’s meal plan—try them out!  They are so tasty and nutritous—and Whole30 compliant!

Monday: Leftover Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs over cauliflower (recipe to come this week)

Tuesday: Taco Bowl (or out—there are a few restaurant meals that I’ve found to be compliant)

Wednesday: Crockpot Pork Carnitas

Thursday: Tandoori Chicken (I’m using the red curry paste I have already for the sauce instead of all the spices in the recipe)

Friday: Leftovers or Taco Bowls

For breakfast, I’m making a Paleo breakfast casserole with sweet potato, bacon, and eggs that I’m looking forward to trying.  If it’s good, I’ll share the recipe for how I’m making it!  I’ve been struggling to get in my potatoes—with the Insanity Max:30 program, I’m supposed to have 2-3 carbs a day, and on Whole30, potatoes are the only carb I can have.  I don’t really like potatoes when they are leftovers, and it’s hard to cook a couple of potatoes fresh every single day.  I’m hopeful that having this casserole with sweet potato will help me keep up with those carb servings to keep me energized for my workouts.

I’ve been doing Whole30 for 12 days, but I’m on day 29 with Insanity Max:30!  My nutrition wasn’t on point for the first half of the program (hence the Whole30), but I’m already seeing some small changes in my body!  The scale hasn’t moved much, but that just goes to show you that the scale isn’t the most reliable way to keep track of your progress.  Take pictures so you can really see what true progress you’re making!

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