Insanity Max:30 Halfway Update

I haven’t really been posting much about my workout plan lately, but I’ve been doing Insanity Max:30 for the past month.  I’m 5 weeks into the 60 day program, so a little more than halfway, and I am loving how I feel and how my body is changing.

Insanity Max:30 is a high-intensity cardio program that uses just your own body for resistance.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about using any equipment or mess with switching out weights!  Each workout is 30 minutes long, which works well for me because I have a MUCH harder time being consistent with my workouts when they are longer than 30 minutes.  This program is very intense–definitely a step up from 21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme and T25 that I did at the end of last year.  Thank goodness for modifiers!  I modify a lot of the workouts, honestly, but there’s no shame in that game.  I’m pushing myself and seeing some great changes, not to mention feeling awesome!

The intensity of the program is easier to deal with since it’s 5x/week with two rest days on the weekends.  There have been weeks when I’ve taken one rest day in the middle of the week and then another on the weekend (instead of doing all 5 workouts in a row), but I haven’t skipped any workouts!  I do get sore, of course, but I drink the Beachbody Performance Recover post-workout within 30 minutes of finishing my workout and it helps the soreness so much!  I have been abstaining from my Recover during the Whole30 since it’s a source of stevia, and I really miss it.  I can’t wait to finish my Whole30 at the end of this week (!!!) and add my Recover back into my routine.

This is the same pair of jeans in December and in March. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m moving in the right direction!

When I finished the first 30 days of Max:30, the workouts switched and upped the intensity.  I’m excited to see more changes in this last phase of the program, and I’m considering doing it all again when I’m done and working on my endurance!  I would love to be able to do this program with fewer modifiers, so that is definitely a goal for 2017.

The left is day 1 and the right is day 30. There is a lot of difference in my midsection!

I’ve been taking progress pictures in my summer bathing suit for a couple of different reasons: first, I like to take progress pics in the same outfit to get a true comparison of how my body is changing, but I also have the summer as motivation to keep getting fit!  We go to the pool a lot, and I want to feel confident!  Plus, I have a wedding in August that I want to look great at and feel awesome in the pictures.  I tell my challengers to take tons of pictures during their transformations because they are so much more reliable than the scale!  I haven’t been weighing myself on the Whole30 but instead have been focusing on how I feel, changes in my body, and how I fit in my clothes.  I have been really motivated and encouraged by what I’ve seen!

Do you have some summer events that you want to look and feel awesome for?  My March accountability group is starting in exactly one week!  I’d love to take you under my wing and help you reach your goals.  Send me an email at and we can chat!

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